Back in 2003, Freedom Technical Ltd was formed to provide various professional services targeting primarily the legal sector; however we now moved into other sectors such as Insurance, Finance, HR, Media and Academic.

Freedom Transcription is a service specialising in the transcription of ad hoc interviews and similar recordings. Organisations looking for a comprehensive day to day dictation solution please go to:


Founder, Practice Manager and Consultant Mark Reynolds is an expert in his field with over twenty years experience in the business.

Situated in Brindley Place, the heart of Birmingham's professional sector; Freedom Transcription takes pride in providing all its clients the best solutions and only the highest quality service.

Affordable Transcription Solutions

Here at Freedom Transcription we do not use virtual call centres, typing pools or other outsourced core services. Our staff really do care about your business; we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Our contracts ensure regulatory compliance and diligence process, providing you with satisfactory assurance of the quality and confidentiality of our services. We are not willing to compromise our high standards; in the rare case that we cannot provide the necessary resources required by a particular client, we won't offer a contract, as we provide only the best quality customer service.

The type of transcriptions which we can deliver:

Intelligent Verbatim

No words are substituted and the conversation is accurately recorded however repeated words,"erm"s, "ah"s and the like are not typed, suitable for focus groups and general interview transcription.

Strict Verbatim

All words are transcribed including "erm"s, "ah"s and the like, suitable for legal proceedings.

Research Verbatim

All words are transcribed including "erm"s, "ah"s and the like, non-verbals e.g. [laughs] and pauses are indicated, suitable for academic research.

For a quotation please contact 0121 416 0393 or get a quote online.

All of our staff are hand picked based on their previous experience, they are required to have a minimum of five years experience as a legal secretary to work for Freedom Transcription and then participate in specific training to cater to the individual requirements of our clients.

Outsourcing has become increasingly popular over the last few years with many leading businesses exchanging their experienced and talented typists in favour of outsourcing to cheaper oversea alternatives. This has actually been to our advantage and to that of the UK market; as it has enabled us to acquire many of these typists and their invaluable skill sets, offering the UK an exceptionally high quality service at a low cost. Outsourcing your typing will save you time and help you improve productivity. Your staff will be free from time consuming repetitive tasks and able to use their time in a more beneficial way for your company.